What do these Common Water Problems Mean?

Many factors can affect your water quality If you don’t know how to define the issue or how to solve it, you could end up living with the issue for an extended amount of time. Understanding what is causing it will set you on the right path of solving the common water problems! Here are [...]

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What Well Water Filtration System Do I Need for My Home?

Buying and installing a well water filtration system is easier said than done. Not only are there several options to choose from, but you must also take into consideration the cost Thanks to a whole house water filtration system, you can improve both the taste and smell of your water, all the while removing any [...]

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When Should You Get Your Water Tested?

Whether you have well water or city water, it is a good idea to have your water tested periodically for your family’s peace of mind. Besides never having a water test, here are five other times to get your water tested. 1. After moving to a new house If you have recently moved to a [...]

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I received a drinking water notice. Now what?

It has happened to many of us: the dreaded drinking water advisory notice. But, what does it mean? Deciphering the data can be difficult, leaving consumers unsure of what to do and feeling, well, nervous. In the state of Ohio, our public water systems are regulated by the Ohio EPA Division of Drinking Waters and [...]

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The true cost of your hard water

 When you think of the cost of your water you likely think of the monthly bill. If you have unconditioned water the cost per month could be a lot more than what you think. Unconditioned water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron that comes from local water supplies and well water. You may [...]

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How Your Water Could be affecting your Salon

 As a savvy salon owner, you want the best for your customers. Happy customers come back and are the source of good referrals. Conditioned water will give you happy customers, good referrals, and more business. Skeptical? Here is a look at how conditioned water helps your business. Minerals in Water As you may or may [...]

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Quick tips to stop wasting water

You likely grew up with parents that asked, “Do you think money grows on trees?” or “Were you born in a barn?” From a young age, we learned the value of closing the front door and turning off the light when we left a room. We were also given the advice to turn off the [...]

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Sulfur and your Electronic Appliances

You probably know if you have a problem with sulfur in your water, it can make your water smell and taste awful. Sulfur comes from decaying organic material and one of the more common well water contaminants. Sulfur gas is also very corrosive and is released from the water which leads to damage of jewelry, [...]

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Common Water Problems in Henry County

While some water problems are obvious, like sulfur that can be smelled and seen, other contaminants can bringing bigger issues for your health but do not have any taste, smell or change in appearance. Throughout Henry County, in the past 7 years, there have been warnings for 3 specific contaminants: lead, trihalomethanes, and fluoride. Lead [...]

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