Products & Systems

“We are just writing to you to let you know that we sure like our new drinking water system that you installed for us. We can’t believe the difference in the ice cubes! They are so nice and clear and really look appetizing. Also, the water tastes great, makes better tasting coffee and tea.

We also have the Kinetico water softener that we purchased over 30 years ago, and we have not had the first problem with it in all those years. It works great!”

Gary, Wapakoneta

“I knew my water was bad and that I needed to replace what I had, but I had no idea just how bad until my new water system. I love it! I have recommended it to so many people. Thank you for a terrific product. It’s amazing.”

Rick and Candy, Waldo

“Just want to drop you a note on the subject of satisfaction. My wife and I are totally happy with the softener and water purification system. Our old softener could not even hold a candle to this one. Salt consumption is 80% less and results in a higher quality water. Thank you for your attention to detail…We do recommend to anyone that they can improve their quality of life by installing one of your systems. Again, thank you.”

Pep and Pearl, Lakeview


“Ray was very professional and helpful. I will not hesitate to call Peacock Water or recommend them to others.”

Gary, Caledonia

“Love the new water system! Service was excellent.”

Andy, Fredericktown

“Ray did a very good job explaining the unit. Very happy with the service. Dan did excellent job on install both very pleasant people. Very pleased!”

Julie, New Bloomington

“Everyone was wonderful. I have ZERO complaints and will recommend Peacock to everyone!”

Ammie, Centerburg