There are a variety of water contaminants that can cause staining in your home.

Chemical cleaners and “elbow grease” may be capable of removing these stains, but we find that in most cases, proper testing and treatment of your water can keep these stains from forming in the first place.

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Iron Stains

If you have yellow, orange, or brown staining in your sinks, tubs, and toilets, iron is the most likely culprit. Iron occurs naturally in well water throughout Ohio, and the stains can be very difficult to remove. The best way to rid your home of iron stains is to remove the iron from the water as it enters your home with a water softener or iron filter. Aside from stains in your kitchen and bathrooms, iron can ruin your white clothes, discolor your hair, and even build up in your pipes causing reduced water flow throughout your home.

Iron bacteria

Some bacteria derive energy by oxidizing the iron in well water. This process results in a variety of symptoms in the home. A stain or biofilm colored red, brown, or black often forms in areas like toilet bowls and toilet tanks where water sits for extended periods of time. Along with staining, these bacteria can impart a variety of unpleasant odors to the water. Well disinfections or continuous disinfection systems are often used to combat these bacteria.

Blue green stains

Water with a low pH can cause metals that come into contact with water to corrode. Low pH means that the water is acidic, and acidic water can be extremely corrosive. One of the more obvious symptoms of acidic water is blue-green stains. The problems caused by low pH water can be drastic. It can cause significant damage copper plumbing, faucets, and water using appliances. To find out if your water is acidic, the pH level must be tested.

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