It has happened to many of us: the dreaded drinking water advisory notice. But, what does it mean? Deciphering the data can be difficult, leaving consumers unsure of what to do and feeling, well, nervous.

In the state of Ohio, our public water systems are regulated by the Ohio EPA Division of Drinking Waters and Ground Waters. They are required to regularly monitor water for contaminants and notify consumers when water does not meet regulations.

Monitoring schedules vary widely by county. For example, Allen County is monitored in January and again in May; Marion County is monitored in June and October. Huron County is monitored monthly. Consumers interested in learning more about their specific county’s schedule can visit the Ohio EPA website.

Workers monitoring the water send samples to certified laboratories for testing. Again, depending on the county, the laboratory will test for contaminants, such as: coliform bacteria, E. coli, nitrate, arsenic, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), etc.

In addition to EPA monitoring, public water systems are required to maintain their own records of operations and submit monthly reports detailing their daily activities and sampling results. Delays in data reporting and/or violations of standards can result in fines and other disciplinary actions.

According to Ohio EPA, “95 percent of community water systems meet all health-based standards.” If a system does not meet standards, the public is notified either through signs, media or the drinking water advisories map on the Ohio EPA website. As we write this blog article, there are currently 68 advisories for the state of Ohio.

If your area is under advisory, follow the EPA’s instructions. Common recommendations could include boiling your water or drinking from an alternative water source such as bottled or filtered water.

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