1922 Peacock Brothers
1962 Peacock Water

The Peacock Water conditioning story began in 1906 when brothers Albert and Jim Peacock founded Peacock Brothers Plumbing. In 1953, the brothers decided to enter into the water conditioning business; this new business was named Servisoft.

Albert’s son Neldon gave up his interest in the plumbing company and took over Servisoft in 1957. The business was renamed Neldon Peacock and Sons, Inc. Neldon and his wife, Alice ran the business as a team.

In 1962, Alice and Neldon purchased the property at 1800 Marion-Marysville Rd. The business was housed in a small building behind the home at that address. While Peacock Water is still at that location, the buildings that the business occupies have been greatly expanded.

In 1972, Tim Peacock Sr., after serving in Vietnam, returned to help his parents run the business and prepare it for their future retirement. His hard work and personality helped the business to grow through five decades until 2011 when Tim J Peacock and Andy Peacock took over the ownership role.

According to Andy Peacock, this is a very exciting time in the water industry. “We are now seeing people take an active role in maintaining a healthy environment for themselves. Water is definitely an important factor to consider. Whether you’re dealing with well water or city water, we have found that there is room for improvement. We’re helping a lot of people find alternatives to drinking raw, untreated tap water, and that makes me feel as though I’m working for something worthwhile.”

Peacock Water now has offices in Marion, Upper Sandusky, Kenton, Lima, Norwalk and Bucyrus. The current owners, Tim and Andy Peacock, represent the 4th generation of Peacocks. Tim and Andy entered the business with a strong commitment to customer service, and a passion for helping people to improve their water. In 1962, Peacock’s employed three people and operated out of a converted goat shed with the help of a single pick-up truck. Peacock Water currently employs over 50 people, in six offices, with the help of 25, radio-dispatched trucks for fast service and delivery.

“Family has always been very important to us,” says Tim, “my brother and I take our jobs here very seriously. It’s more than just a job. It’s our family name.”

1965 Peacock Truck
2011 Peacock Family