Home and Business Delivery & Maintenance Services

Are you tired of lugging that 40 pound salt bag into your basement? Or that 5 gallon jug of water into your home?

Well we encourage you to stop now!

Peacock Water Delivery & Maintenance ServicesPeacock Water believes that it should not be a chore to have great water. We can deliver salt directly to your salt tank. There’s no need for you to lift heavy bags or make trips to the store. We deliver Dura-Cube brand salt, the industry standard. We offer both Red Out and regular Dura Cube in 40lb bags. Dura-Cube is 99.8% pure salt which is guaranteed not to mush or bridge. High quality salt helps to keep your water soft and your water softener functioning correctly. If you have a problem with iron in your water that’s leaving orange or yellow stains in your tubs and sinks, you may decide to treat your softener to Dura-Cube Red Out Salt.

Water makes up 80% of your body. High quality water is essential to good health. Peacock water carries three types of drinking water to fit your needs:

Spring Water

Our Natural Spring Water comes directly from a spring located in Southern Ohio. This natural spring is located in the unspoiled woodlands. The water flows through bedrock, which formed over 200 millions years ago. Since then, billions of gallons of rain water have washed clean the massive sandstone aquifer which yields great tasting, high quality spring water.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis Water is virtually free of solids. It is processed by way of advanced membrane technology, carbon filtration, and ultra-violet light.

Distilled Water

Distilled Water, like Reverse Osmosis water, has very low levels of solids.

All our water here at Peacock Water come in 1, 3, 5 gallon sizes.

Has your water treatment equipment stopped working?

Peacock Water provides delivery and maintenance services on all makes and models of water treatment equipment. If your existing equipment isn’t functioning correctly, or you’d just like a check-up, call us. We’ll schedule you an appointment with one of our expert technicians to take a look at your equipment.