Chemical Free Systems

Peacock Water offers a variety of chemical-free systems to address some of the most challenging water problems.

By performing a free water analysis we’ll help you determine which chemical free system would work best for you. Based off the results from the water analysis we’ll be able to properly treat your water.


Whether it’s rust stains in your sinks, or the smell of sulfur every time you turn on the tap, your water problems can cause you more than frustration and embarrassment. They can damage your fixtures, discolor your laundry, or create an unpleasant odor in the shower.

Chemical Free Systems - Smart Choice Eradicator

Control the iron in your home

  • Stop iron stains
  • Protect plumbing, fixtures, appliances, and clothing
  • Eliminate the need for harsh chemical cleaners in showers, sinks, toilets, and appliances
  • Protect your water softener and other household appliances from iron build-up

Turn “stink water” into fresh water

  • Air induction water filtration removes the sulfur to produce clean, odor-free water
  • Protects pipes from black oxidation caused by sulfur water
  • Eliminates the need for traditional chlorine feed treatment systems


Chemical Free Systems - Dechlorinator

Upgrade your water softener with a convenient package for whole house dechlorination. The included activated carbon effectively absorbs unpleasant tastes and odors found in chlorinated water. Experience reduced deterioration of rubber seals in fixtures and appliances, along with the elimination of dryness in hair and skin caused by chlorine.

If your municipal water utilizes chloramines for disinfection, Kinetico’s Chloramine Reduction System (CRS) may be the best choice to improve the water in your home or business.