Are you sick and tired of rusty-orange stains on your toilets? Are you whites refusing to stay white? That tell-tale orange stain usually points to minerals in your water.

Water is a natural solvent, and given the time and proper conditions, it can dissolve anything it comes in contact. Depending on where you live, your water can contain iron or manganese. This is what causes that rusty-orange or black staining. If your water has a low pH you’ll see blue-green stains.

These minerals can even alter hair color!

You’ll also see these stains on clothes, fixtures, sinks, tubs, appliances that use water, and, of course, toilets. Really, these stains can appear on anything your water comes in contact with. Unfortunately, they may be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove.
Most likely, to remove these minerals you’ll need a water softener and/or a filtration system.