What Size Water Softener Do I Need For My Home?

Many homes do not currently have the right size water softener, which can result in the overuse of softener salt. A correctly sized, efficient model could reduce the amount of salt used to 300 pounds per year. By performing a few calculations, you can determine whether your home has a softener with the right capacity. [...]

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10 Tips for Luxurious Hair & Skin in Winter

Are you looking a little less than your best this winter? Frigid temperatures and dry air can leave your hair and skin dull and dry. From chapped lips to red or cracked knuckles, winter may be wreaking havoc on your body. To combat Old Man Winter’s effects, here are 10 tips for winter skin and [...]

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Stay on Track with Infused Water

Americans’ consumption of soda is on the decline, according to a recent article by the New York Times. However sugar-sweetened beverages are still the biggest source of added sugar in the American diet. One way to stick to your New Year’s weight loss resolution is to switch to infused water. They are a tasty alternative [...]

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Rethink Your Holiday Drink

The holidays are a time when most people indulge a little. But, when January rolls around, most of us have added a few unwanted pounds. Why not rethink your holiday drink this year and replace it with water? It is an easy way to cut back on sugar, save calories and feel better! Soda Although [...]

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Fun Water Facts For Kids

How much water can elephants drink? Elephants can drink up to 50 gallons of water a day! That’s about the same amount of water that a bathtub holds. Is there water on other planets? Yes! Besides Earth, scientists have found water 23 other places in our solar system. In 2015, scientists discovered a warm, salty [...]

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Are You Dehydrated?

Your body constantly loses fluid through your breath, sweat glands, urine and bowel movements. To function properly, you must replace lost fluids and stay properly hydrated. Luckily, you have a built-in mechanism to let you know when you need more water; it’s called thirst! However, by the time you feel thirsty, your body is already [...]

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Top Ten Signs That You Have Hard Water

Hard water is an issue for 85% of the households in the United States. It can create a number of issues, some as minor stiff, scratchy towels, and others as major as malfunctioning plumbing or permanently bad hair. What is hard water? Hard water is water with a high mineral content. Naturally occurring minerals, such [...]

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I received a drinking water notice. Now what?

It has happened to many of us: the dreaded drinking water advisory notice. But, what does it mean? Deciphering the data can be difficult, leaving consumers unsure of what to do and feeling, well, nervous. In the state of Ohio, our public water systems are regulated by the Ohio EPA Division of Drinking Waters and [...]

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Water vs. Sports Drinks For Your Student Athlete

Your family piles into the car after the big game, and your student athlete is dripping with sweat after exerting some major effort. Should you hand them a sports drink or good old-fashioned H2O? Which one is going to help them recover better? If you’re like most parents, you probably don’t really know the answer, [...]

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How to get your kids to drink more water

Hydration is vital to everyone, and you already know the value of drinking eight glasses of water a day. While you are busy working those eight glasses in for yourself, it’s equally important to ensure that your kids drink enough water. The amount of water your child needs to have will depend on their age, [...]

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