Purchasing a water softener is an investment, but it’s a smart investment for your home. 85% of homes in America have hard water, so chances are, you’ve probably experienced a few of the top ten signs of hard water and you’re ready to experience the soft water difference. Whether you are considering purchasing a new water softener for the first time or replacing an old unit, did you know that over time a water softener actually pays for itself? Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you’ll see a return on your investment with the purchase of your new water softener.

Your appliances will last longer.

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium that can build up inside your plumbing and water-using appliances, causing them to wear down and operate inefficiently. A water softener removes those minerals, which means no scale buildup or mineral deposits, saving you in repair and replacement costs over time.

To illustrate how hard water lessens the lifespan of appliances, look at a 2009 Battelle Memorial Institute study commissioned by the Water Quality Association. Independent tests showed that the expected 11-year lifespan of a washing machine is reduced to 7.7 years when used with hard water. The expected 10-year lifespan of a dishwasher is reduced to 7 years when used with hard water.

You can save on energy bills.

While heating and cooling costs make up half of a typical homeowner’s energy bill, running a hot water heater is the next highest energy expense. Can you guess what slows down the efficiency of a hot water heater? You guessed it: hard water. It can increase electricity costs by as much as 48 percent according to the Battelle Memorial Institute study. Hard water especially takes its toll on electric water heaters.

You’ll use less laundry detergent, soaps and lotions.

According to Procter & Gamble, the average American family washes 6 – 7.5 loads of laundry per week. This is the equivalent of 312 – 390 loads per year! At that rate, the cost of laundry detergent can really add up. With hard water, you’ll need more soap to make your clothes cleaner. Believe it or not, you can actually use about 50% less detergent with soft water.

You’ll notice when you wash your hands that the soap lathers up much more with soft water. You can use less soap to get your hands clean. In an added benefit, your skin will be softer, so you’ll need less lotion too!

You will extend the life of your clothing and linens.

Hard water is very noticeable in the laundry room. Households with hard water find removing stains to be difficult. Folks in hard water households sleep on scratchier sheets and dry off with not-so-soft towels. Finally, they find themselves wearing clothing that has lost its vibrance. Hard water takes its toll, and so does having to use extra detergent to get fabric clean. By making the switch to soft water, you can expect your fabrics to hold up better and to last longer. This means you won’t have to purchase new clothes and linens as frequently. As an added bonus, you’ll notice that everything is cleaner with soft water – laundry, appliances, even your hair and skin!

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