Hard water is an issue for 85% of the households in the United States. It can create a number of issues, some as minor stiff, scratchy towels, and others as major as malfunctioning plumbing or permanently bad hair.

What is hard water?
Hard water is water with a high mineral content. Naturally occurring minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, accumulate during the water cycle. Though it is safe to drink and wash with, it does pose many household inconveniences that can easily be avoided.

Signs Hard Water:

1. Spots on dishes and glassware – If you have ever taken a glass out of the dishwasher, only to notice that it was covered with spots, you probably have hard water.

2. Film on shower walls and door – The minerals present in hard water collect on shower walls and doors, resulting in a white film. While easy to remove at first, over time it can build up and cause additional cleaning time and energy.

3. Dull, dingy or stained laundry – If your whites are no longer white and your laundry just is not as soft as it used to be, it could be caused by the presence of hard water.

4. High hot water bill – Hard water can cause a mineral buildup in your hot water heater, making your burners (gas) or heating element (electric) have to work harder to heat the water. This, in turn, will increase your cost of operation.

5. Mineral buildup on fixtures – A buildup of lime and calcium will cause a white, crusty residue to accumulate around faucets and fixtures when hard water is present. Over time, you will have to spend additional time and effort cleaning these fixtures or you will notice a decrease in water pressure.

6. Dry, itchy skin – The same soap scum that builds up on shower walls due to hard water can also build up on your skin. The result will be dry, itchy skin. Hard water can also age your skin faster because many of water’s impurities can form free radicals that damage your skin. So, not only will you feel itchy, but you will have more fine lines and wrinkles!

7. Shortened lifespan of appliances – You may be noticing a trend here: build up. It continues with appliances. The mineral buildup caused by hard water can also take a toll on our appliances, shortening their overall lifespan.

8. Stains on sinks and bathtubs – Hard water stains are especially noticeable on stainless steel sinks because they leave behind a white residue that is almost impossible to remove no matter how often you clean.

9. Plumbing needs constant repairs – Hard water buildup also impacts plumbing. Minerals build up inside pipes, decreasing water pressure and leading to the likelihood of clogs.

10. Bad hair – If your hair feels and looks better when you are on vacation or staying at family’s house over the holidays, you may have hard water. Shampoos are less effective in hard water because they are reacting with the excess minerals present. You may notice your hair feeling dull, lifeless, oily or having build up. Do you think your hair looks amazing when you leave the salon? Only part of that may be the talent of your beautician; the other part may just be the quality and softness of the salon’s water!

If you have experienced any of these issues, contact Peacock Water for a free water analysis. We’ve got solutions for all of your hard water needs!