If you suspect hard water in your home, it won’t be long before you realize the impact it’s having.

Here are Some Places to Look for Evidence of Hard Water:

  • Faucets: Do you spot a white, rusty scale buildup? If so, there’s a good chance hard water is the culprit.
  • Shower Heads and Toilets: Just the same as your faucets, examine your shower heads and toilets for this same buildup. You’re likely to find it here, too.
  • Dishes: Have you come to find that your dishwasher isn’t as efficient as it once was? Hard water may be to blame, as it makes it more difficult to clean dishes and leave them spotless.

The Impact of Hard Water on Your Finances

In addition to the above, hard water can also impact your finances. Consider the following:

  • More Energy: With hard water, many of your appliances will use more energy. For example, this holds true of your water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine.
  • Higher Water Bill: Since your appliances aren’t as efficient, you can expect your water bill to increase.
  • Decreased Life of Appliances: As hard water builds up inside your appliances, their lifespan decreases. This will lead you to prematurely pay for repairs or replacements.

Hard Water Impact on Your Skin & Hair

It’s known to cause dry skin, thus making you more susceptible to razor burn among other health conditions. Just the same, it can dry out your hair, thus decreasing its volume.

If you have hard water at home, learn more about the many solutions to this common problem. With our help, it won’t be long before you have the perfect water softener in place. This will take care of your problem once and for all!