How Your Water Could be affecting your Salon

  As a savvy salon owner, you want the best for your customers. Happy customers come back and are the source of good referrals. Conditioned water will give you happy customers, good referrals, and more business. Skeptical? Here is a look at how conditioned water helps your business. Minerals in Water As you may or [...]

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Sulfur and your Electronic Appliances

You probably know if you have a problem with sulfur in your water, it can make your water smell and taste awful. Sulfur comes from decaying organic material and one of the more common well water contaminants. Sulfur gas is also very corrosive and is released from the water which leads to damage of jewelry, [...]

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Common Water Problems in Henry County

  While some water problems are obvious, like sulfur that can be smelled and seen, other contaminants can bringing bigger issues for your health but do not have any taste, smell or change in appearance. Throughout Henry County, in the past 7 years, there have been warnings for 3 specific contaminants: lead, trihalomethanes, and fluoride. [...]

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The Importance of Testing Your Well Water

If you have a private well you may have gotten used to a funny smell or hard water stains. But those problems might be caused by some nasty contaminants making your water less safe to drink. If your home’s water is supplied by a private well, you, and only you, are responsible for the water’s [...]

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Even if you have city water, it might still need softened

Even city water can benefit from water treatment City water varies greatly from area to area and town to town. City water (or water from a community water system) is usually treated to some degree before it reaches your home, but most city water is still hard and contains some level of contaminants. Although water [...]

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