Are you interested in installing a water softener in your home? Are you wondering if it’s worth the time and money?

While you may have some reservations about installing a water softener, once you learn more about the benefits there’s a good chance you’ll immediately head down this path.

Not only is hard water a detriment to your health – such as by causing dry hair and skin – but it can also take a toll on your appliances.

Here are five benefits of a water softener for your home:

1. It Works Throughout Your Home

When you opt for a whole house water softener, you can be rest assured that every ounce of water that enters your home is treated.

This gives you peace of mind, as you can always be confident that the water you’re using – regardless of the task – is soft.

2. Better for Your Hair and Skin

Do you often wonder why your hair and skin never feel clean when you get out of the shower? There’s a good chance that hard water is the culprit.

With soft water, you’ll find it easier to clean and rinse yourself. Furthermore, it doesn’t dry out your hair and skin.

3. More Efficient, Longer Lasting Appliances

You want your appliances to work at peak performance at all times. You also want them to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, when your home has hard water, your dishwasher, washing machine, and hot water tank may struggle to perform.

Hard water contains a variety of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, which can build up in your appliances and pipes over time.

4. Reduced Energy Costs

Everyone wants to save money on energy costs, and a water softener can help you do just that. For example, hard water can put excess strain on your water heater, causing it to work harder than it should.

Not only does this excess strain increase energy costs, but it also lessens the life of your appliance.

5. More Power from Your Soap

For example, soft water is known to more efficiently eliminate stains on clothing than hard water.

Also, since soap works more effectively in soft water, you can use less, which saves you money.

Final Thoughts

If these benefits of a water softener excite you, it may be time to strongly consider installing one in your home. Contact us to learn more about your options, pricing, and the installation process.