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Here in Ohio, a variety of factors can affect how water tastes, smells and feels. To drill down to the exact cause of your water problems we typically start by asking you a few questions like:

  • Do you have scale build-up on your water using appliances?
  • Are you struggling with dry hair and skin?
  • Are your water using appliances failing prematurely?

If so, you may be experiencing Hard Water Issues

  • Do you notice any staining in your toilet, sinks or tub?
  • Whites not staying white?
  • Is there a Metallic taste or smell in your water?
  • Is your water pressure lacking?

If so, you may have Iron in your water

  • Does your water smell like rotten eggs or sulfur?
  • Is your water discolored?
  • Are your electronics being ruined by sulfur?

If so, you may have Sulfur in your water